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      First, the company profile

      Changxing Rongwang Textile Co., Ltd.Located in Changxing County, Zhejiang Province Shuikou Township Xu Wang Industrial Park, a beautiful environment, convenient transportation,is a modern integrated enterprise which is specialized in the production of all kinds of chemical fibers and chemical fabrics.It was established in 2007 in Changxing County Zhejiang Province.

      Since the establishment of the company, always adhere to the sincerity-based, mutually beneficial win-win concept in the industry won a good reputation. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, due to the various factors of funds and personnel, from the beginning of the development of the rental plant to now have more than 10 acres of land and plant size, the company is actively looking for the right plots ready to further expand the scale of the company. ,

      The company has advanced production equipment and a number of professional production lines, the strength of funds. The main products are: special wide wool cloth, Chun Yafang, polyester taffeta, jacquard cloth, satin, polyester and cotton cloth, clothing and luggage fabrics, bedding and other home textiles products. At the same time according to the requirements of customers for dyeing, printing, calendering, embossing, hair, coating, waterproof and a series of post-processing to meet a variety of needs. Company products are widely used in bedding, clothing apparel, shoes and hats, toys, bags and medical care and other fields.

      In recent years, the company has repeatedly won the integrity of private enterprises, AA grade credit enterprises and other honors.

      Second, the company strategy

      Since the establishment of the company always adhere to the two legs to walk, one uphold the quality first, attention to product production and construction; Second, adhere to the people-oriented, attention to product marketing tools.

      In the production and construction, do a standardized, standardized, professional; actively develop new products, and actively build new and advanced production lines. By the end of 2015 the company carried out a large-scale technical transformation, the original 130 relatively backward textile machines all the replacement, the introduction of more advanced new textile machines. At the same time promote the advanced management methods and production technology, scientific management to enhance product quality.

      In marketing, in addition to hiring a professional business staff, we always adhere to their own training, from the existing staff to tap the potential of marketing staff training guidance, to create a production workshop has both under the sales experience of the marketing team. In addition, the company always adhere to the people-oriented, relying on existing customers, attention to product quality and after-sales service, in the stability of the old customers under the premise of the development of new customers, established a large scale and good reputation of the customer base.

      The company appreciates the constant support from all the clients and is devoted to providing the best products and best services. We are looking forward to your visit and thank you.